This is a simple page that describes the add-ons I installed on the 2012 BMW G650GS Sertao

Last Updated: October 11, 2012

Engine guard and skid-plate reinforcement - BMW.

Fairing guard - Touratech.

The Touratech Zega-Pro frame double-duties as crash protection for the rear.

Radiator guards- Touratech: on my last serious off-road trip I heard rocks hitting it - I'm glad the rocks were hitting the guards instead of the radiator!

The new aluminum guards are lighter than the useless plastic frames that it replace, but they do rattle sometimes.

Headlight guard- Touratech

Rear brake cylinder guard - Touratech

Rear brake reservoir guard - Touratech

Folding gear-shifter- Touratech: On my last trip the whole lever bent inward twice! This shows how much it is important to have that play

plus the flexible lever. Otherwise it would have broke.

After getting the wide PivotPegz the clearance was too tight, so I had to get the adjustable shift lever from Touratech. It works great.

Larger foot-print for the kick-stand - Touratech: Helps keep the bike from sinking into soft surfaces. I actually got longer screws and extra nuts from HD that gave the side-stand an extra 1/2" lift.

Rox handlebar raisers: A MUST have even if you don't ride off-road. It lets you stand up more comfortably off-road, and on the road it is more ergonomic.

PivotPegz: Help alleviate fatigue and very comfortable when standing for hours on the pegs. The pivoting function makes shifting and breaking more seamless.


LED Driving Light - Rigid Industries: I installed the larger version on my 1200GS and I loved them so much that I added this small one

to the Sertao. The LEDs are indestructible, last for 50,000 hours, light, and draw 1/4th of the power HID lights do. I installed

only one to keep the weight down and keep the current draw low.

Instead of using the bulky switch that was supplied with the LED light I purchased and installed a rugged PIAA switch - much better!

Front daytime running lights - Skene Design Photon Blasters. The LEDs are bright and flicker constantly making it impossible for oncoming traffic to ignore you.

Skene Design P3 running/brake lights. Same as the front but red. They flicker constantly, and when the brake is applied they flash three times and then stay bright. They are programmable.

GPS mount from Touratech: Places the GPS right in your face and provides a bit more support to the windshield.

Fuse-box connected to "ignition on" state - Twisted Throttle: I connect the GPS, aux-lights, heated-gear and audio amp to it.

It ensures that no devices are running when the ignition is off. I love the compact design and the fact that the relay is built into the box.

It helps keeping the installation neat and saves space.

AmpliRider: I ride with earplugs, and I have small speakers in the helmet connected to the amp. This way I can crank the volume up higher than the devices can produce and hear it well. It has 3 inputs.

I used velcro for the AmpliRider volume control and attached it to the side cover when in use, and this is where I connect the helmet speakers and the audio source via a coiled cable.

Additional PIAA horn: After a few times that I had to alert destructed drivers from drifting into my lane (and was embarrassed by the way the ineffective wimpy moped original horn sounded) I decided to add this PIAA 76500 500Hz Sports Horn with Weather Resistant Cover. The two horns together sound great and do get the proper attention when needed. There aren't too many places it could fit, and this one worked well. It is secured to fairing-guard bar screw and doesn't block anything.

ADVMonster Volt-Meter: Loading all of the lights and accessories on this little guy made me want to monitor the battery charge live at all times. This great device that is fully weather-proof, light and low costing shows me the charging voltage and the battery level in real time, without being to bright at night. $25 at:

Highway Pegs! After deciding that the Sertao is going to be my only bike I sold my 2005 R1200GS. This means that I needed to make the Sertao comfortable for long trips as well. I got these $15 pegs at Amazon. They are very light, but needed some spacers to reduce the 1-1/4" opening to the 3/4" diameter of the bike's crash-bars. I know they look funny, but who cares? My legs will thank me.

Kaoko throttle lock: Same reason as above - long trips on the highway. It takes 2 minutes to install and makes a whole lot of difference on long slab stretches, or when you need to use your right hand for something.

Extra fuel storage (and why is the gas tank so small?): On a recent off-road trip I got low on gas, and I had to leave the trail to go and fill up. I don't want to be constantly worrying about running out of fuel. Therefore, I decided to insert the MSR fuel bottle inside the courier that is attached to the frame and not on the back of the panniers for two reasons: 1- it is inside a generic container and not screaming "free fuel". 2- It is attached to the frame so I have it when I ride without the panniers.

Cee Bailey's Tall (18") Windshield: On long highway trips there's no other option.

Motech Center Stand: I held up on this because of the price and the weight, but I finally got it because it makes maintenance much easier and it helps when I pack the bike like a mule

This is why it is nice to have a center-stand:

Why do I need all of these guards? Because I actually use them!